Rocky Ridge Beef Farm
Rocky Ridge Beef Farm

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Currently, we have these delicious beef cuts in our freezer:  ground beef, burgers, steaks (strip,  ribeye, porterhouse, t-bone,  top round, London broil), sweet and hot Italian sausage links, stew beef, top round roast, bottom round roast, short  ribs,  shanks, liver (for you or your pet) and  bones (great for broth).   Occasionally we have halves and/or  quarters available.   Call for  more information.                                                                                           Currently, we have these delicious pork cuts in our freezer:  boneless pork loin chops, breakfast sausage, sweet italian sausage, hot italian sausage,  regular and country style ribs, ground pork,  bone-in butt roast and  liver. For smoked cuts we have ham slices and bacon.                                                                             

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